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It’s one of this year’s resolutions to get back to reading some actual books, as opposed to newspapers, periodicals, online news sites, briefing papers, etc … of which – of course – I skim-read dozens every week.  I’m currently on “A Writer’s World” by the great British travel writer and journalist Jan Morris (it’s sold just as “The World” in the US).  It’s gorgeous.  Very lushly written, and evocative of times and places past … although again (like with my previous post about the play “Rock ‘n Roll”), I wonder whether it would have the same appeal to anyone much younger than me.  Answers on a post-card please …

One of the things that sold me on the idea of keeping this blog is that, according to Tony, a year’s worth of entries can be printed up in book form;  so in part it’s a journal of record for me.  So forgive the pictures of the other three books I’ve read so far this year (my year, for the record, running from April to March … like the UK tax year, and of course in line with my March birthday!) … it’s just so that I can keep track of what I’ve been doing!   All were fantastic in their different ways:  The White Tiger, a Man-Booker prize winner about modern India;  As Meat Loves Salt, a novel (with lots of salty historical detail, and some surprising sex) set in civil war England;  and Sophie’s World, a young person’s introduction to philosophy which was a surprise best-seller in the late 80’s and 90’s, and which I’ve been meaning to read for ages.  Brilliant.  I’ve sadly forgotten all its lessons … maybe one to read again next year.


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