For behold, …

for behold ...Tuesday’s the day when – if I’m in town – I have my singing lessons.  Maybe not surprisingly for someone with a parallel life as an executive coach (parallel to the day job, that is …), I always feel as if, somewhere in my life, I ought to be at the bottom of some learning curve or other.  And boy am I right at the bottom of this one … <sigh> … the photo is of the first bit of the piece I’m currently mangling:  a gorgeous but dark piece for bass voice from Handel’s Messiah.  I’m sure Tony would rather I was practising something rather more cheerful … but instead he gets:  “for BEHOLD! … darkness shall cover the earth … and gross darkness the people … and gross DARKness the people …” etc.  Here is what it should sound like.  Another 40-something years and I might get there …  🙂

I’m also learning piano from scratch at age 40- .. um .. something.  “How many parallel lives is it healthy to have all at one time?” I hear you ask?  Yes:   good question.  Very good question.  Probably one my wonderful piano teacher, Ani, asks herself on a regular basis.  It’s a good thing she likes me as a person, otherwise she’d probably have hurled herself, in desperation, and with bleeding eardrums, through our 61st floor window.

There will no doubt be more (much more, I’m afraid …) on music in future posts.

Life.  It’s all about finding your voice …


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