Keep Calm …

keep calmGreat isn’t it?  This was one of a series of propaganda posters produced by the British Government on the eve of World War II, intended to convey a message of reassurance from the King to his people.  It was never issued at the time;  but this facsimile – one of the handouts from a recent reception – ended up in front of my eyes at a good moment … just after my wallet had been stolen (see Tony’s separate post here).

It’s been a bit of a ‘keep calm and carry on’ few weeks in fact.  I’ve had something on (a reception or dinner) 18 out of the last 25 evening since we got back from the UK, including hosting something every night last week. Great though they often are individually, the cumulative effect can be tiring …


One thought on “Keep Calm …

  1. I got my mother a carrier bag with this logo, only it said ‘Keep Calm and Carry on Shopping’. It somehow seemed very ‘now’….
    PS: so sorry to hear about the your recent run of bad luck.

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