I’m back … and so are the tulips

Tulips on Michigan Ave

Tulips on Michigan Ave

To my adoring public:  sorry for the hiatus.  It turned out to be hard to post comments on the old super-secure blog (but – Carly & Joyce – thanks for trying …!).  This one’s more open;  so hopefully the interactivity thing should work much better.  But it’s still intended to be for my special people – family & friends – only … hence the more anonymous handle.  SoftEdges … hmmmm … not my first choice, but have you ANY idea how hard it is to find an short-ish, easy-ish-to-remember, not-too-ish-embarrassing -ish domain name these days? … sign of the times.  Everyone’s just mad for that interweb thingy …

 Anyway:  the request not to pass the URL on to any random strangers still stands.  Unless they’re hunky, obviously, in which case … <ouch!> … (Tony’s just slapped me)

Tony needs to be thanked, of course, because how else could I have set this new blog up and transferred the (admittedly meagre) contents of the old one over?  I could probably have done it myself eventually (like in the time it took to translate the Rosetta Stone) … but by that time, we’d all have been dead.  If life is too short to stuff a mushroom (as Shirley Conran – apparently – once said), then it’s certainly too short to be trying to do what Tony could do much more quickly and easily (and classily, of course) than I.

The photo here is of the tulips on Michigan Avenue, on my daily walk to work.  Sadly I only had my camera-phone on me when I snapped it, so you don’t really get how vivid they look.  Or maybe it’s me who doesn’t get how normal they look … after five months in the freezer (Chicago winter), when everything’s grey and brown, any splash of colour strikes the eye like a pistol-shot.  There’s something very healthy about living in a climate this extreme:  I notice everything … and get wierdly excited by the arrival of things I wouldn’t even see (or feel, hear, or smell) in a more temperate climate.


3 thoughts on “I’m back … and so are the tulips

  1. Hello James and Company,

    Wonderful to see that we will be able to see tulips when we visit in less than 2 weeks! It hailed again for the, uh, 3rd straight day. Not so pleasant. But, wish for warmer temperatures tomorrow for our 10km run!

    Glad to be able to post comments!
    Carly : )

  2. Knowing Chicago, the tulips will probably be gone in two weeks … but they’ll have been replaced by something equally gorgeous.

  3. Hey gorgeous, glad your enjoying all the new sights and sounds of Chicago. I feel we’re really bonding on this as I stumble out of my shed every day into the garden – so have been very aware of the slow budding and flowering of a multitude of little plants and shrubs. Its been lovely to wish them all a good morning and good night. Keep smiling! big hugs Joyce xxx

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