Simple pleasures

Yesterday was a day of simple pleasures. We’ve got a friend visiting for Easter, and we just mooched and cooked and ate and read and walked and talked. And at night we sat round a bonfire with our cups of hot chocolate and got lost alternately in the flames and in the stars, which were out in force. There were moments early in the day when I felt … not quite bored, but odd not to be busily plugged in. A little dissatisfied with the analogue options I was giving myself to choose from. But as the day wore on, the feeling wore off; and I seemed to move from “is this it?” to “this is it”. A nice reminder: must do this more often …





When it take photos, it’s of things that catch my eye in a particular way.  Or rather:  they catch my eye, and I respond in a particular way.  I’m “gripped” by what I’m seeing, and it brings me right into the present moment (a space I otherwise often struggle to inhabit …!)  And on those occasions where I hurry on, and don’t stop to take it in, to capture the experience in some way, I feel a real twinge of regret;  the acknowledgment of an opportunity missed.

As was the case today, these opportunities often present themselves when I’m out walking;  and – I also notice – quite often involve reflections.

Sap rising … ?

I note with some consternation that my last post was last spring … something to do with sap rising …?  But today has been so glorious it couldn’t go unremarked.  Particularly glorious, of course, because I’m at home … which wasn’t originally the plan.  The work I’m doing at the moment is keeping me a lot in London;  and – very efficiently – I’d planned to spend this rare “free” Saturday/Sunday with friends in and around the capital.  But a few days into my sojourn away I realised that I really needed to re-ground myself back home … otherwise I’d stop being me.  I’m really sorry to be missing the friends I’d planned to see this weekend;  and must make plans to see them again soon.  But – joyously – the weather here in the south-west has given the sweetest possible tang to what feels like a stolen weekend.


Well:  last post:  26th of September.  And here we are in March 2011 … it’s high time, isn’t it?

And it’s Spring;  and it’s my birthday weekend (and therefore my real New Year), and I promised myself that – around now – I’d re-start lots of things.  So here we are.  Not much more to share with you today than the sunshine on the daffodils in the garden;  but as new beginnings go, it’s not too bad …